Cremonini Cocciopesto is natural and is suitable for every need in the building sector.

Cremonini Cocciopesto has constant chemical and physical properties. Chemical tests guarantee the quality of our product, which has no added chemical pigments, cements or any other polluting or harmful element. Our cocciopesto is available in two different colors (red and yellow) with particle size distributions ranging from fine powder to grit.

Our history in the building sector

Cremonini s.r.l. was founded in 1973 as a producer of special red clay surfacing for sport facilities. Later on, starting from the early 90s, it also specialised in the production of natural Cocciopesto for building applications and has become today’s leader in this sector.

Cocciopesto consists of crushed bricks and roof tiles fired at low temperatures (900°-1000°C) selected so as to obtain different particle sizes ranging from fine powder to grit produced in two colours (red and ochre yellow).

Our production currently covers all the needs of building applications where cocciopesto is used for premixed products, plasters, grouting, bedding mortars, Venetian-style floors, outdoor paving for walking, filling of flower beds and gardens.

Manufacturing Process

Discover the importance and advantages of a manufacturing process focused on the highest quality of raw materials

Discover our manufacturing process


Pvc Court marker line, tennis net, tennis net poles, levelling mats, and much more!

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