Manufacturing Process

Our red clay is the result of mechanically high-precision grinding and mixing of selected bricks and roof tiles, with the addition of special natural clays.

The mixture is constantly monitored and guarantees a constant product over time.

The Cremonini Red Clay differs substantially from other products made from generic debris such as rubble of farmsteads, scraps of tuff quarry or marble processing that instead cause important problems to the courts.

Important problems caused by low quality materials:

  • Moss and grass formation in large areas of the court, bad looking with consequent higher maintenance costs.
  • Stagnation of water and delayed practicability of the surface in case of rain, with considerable loss of hours of play and consequent severe economic damage.
  • Appearance is important too! The use of low shade of red under layer involves the consumption of a high amount of final top layer, increasing the costs of suppling and maintenance.
  • Unpleasant smells under the covers, eye irritation and contact itching caused by the use of under layer produced with rubble.

Our quality certification